Saturday, March 15, 2014

About Alice

I keep wanting to write all about how living here in Australia is different than being in the United States, but honestly… it doesn't feel all that different. Sometimes I kind of forget that I'm on the complete other side of the world from everything I'm familiar with.

I went hiking with some new friends in the Outback. 

Alice Springs is a small town. A VERY small town when compared to all the places I've lived before. There is no craft store, getting food delivered is like playing roulette, and the businesses here all seem to run on flexible hours that they don't post anywhere. Even so, that's just like any small town no matter where in the world you are. Of course it helps that everyone speaks English here and there are many Americans who live and work here. It also doesn't hurt that I don't really get out too much either, mostly because it's just been too hot.

These cuties were hanging out in the tree in our backyard. They are Galah Parrots. 
I've actually been putting off writing about Alice Springs because I really don't like it here. I keep wanting to give this place a real chance because I know that just about everything is working against me right now. All of our things that were shipped from the US still haven't arrived yet (even though I packed out before Thanksgiving) so I've been really bored here with nothing to keep busy with at home. Also I arrived in the dead of summer and the town is shut down because it's not their tourist season because it's just too hot to do anything. I have a feeling once Autumn really kicks in and we head into winter there will be much more going on. So just because I'm not having an easy time of it right now isn't necessarily the place's fault. Let's hope there will be lots more good things to write about in the very near future!

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