Monday, January 27, 2014

Oh look, Australia…

Sometimes life throws you a curveball and you spend the majority of 2013 moving to Australia. Or is that just me? Husband transferred to a new job last summer and because we decided to move all our animals with us, it made the moving process that much longer because of the paperwork and quarantine.

Dogs and cats are required to spend a minimum of 30 days in Australian quarantine once they arrive in country, and that's after all of the time you spend doing tests, vet visits, and paperwork. (At least that was the policy when we arrived, I know it's due to change soon.) I was worried about all my little ones spending that time by themselves so Husband was nice enough to allow me to spend that time staying in Melbourne so I could visit the animals and make sure they were okay. So even though Husband arrived at the beginning of August, I didn't leave the States until the end of November. 

Having never been to Australia before, staying in Melbourne was a great introduction to the country. I was able to relax after all the stress of packing up and moving and I spend a bit of snuggle time with the cats and dogs while they were in "animal jail". I also got a chance to finally meet Violet, Jimmy, and Miss Lottie (notably from and they were nice enough to show me around the city and give me lots of tips. Since I was in Melbourne on my own for the most part, I tended to do boring every day things, but I did make a special trip to the Melbourne Zoo. Here are some of my favorite shots from there!

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