Friday, October 21, 2011

Halloween Favorites!

I don't usually write "reviews" or things of that nature here, but I figured it was perfect timing to recommend the anime "Ghost Stories". I found this show on Tumblr when a friend had reblogged a YouTube video of clips from the show. At first I thought that these were outtakes from the recording of the dubbing, but this was actually the real dialogue of the show! Ghost Stories was originally a really terrible anime that was intended to be scary, but has been re-dubbed in English as a comedy. I think it's great for Halloween and is quickly becoming one of my favorite comedies for the holiday! You can watch it on Hulu (at least here in the US) for free right now, some of the anime is up on YouTube, and you can also get the entire show on DVD on Amazon!

Since I'm already on the subject, my all-time favorite Halloween movies has to be "Love At First Bite". I am well aware that it's a pretty terrible movie, but it's just so much fun!! Not to mention that George Hamilton makes an amazingly tan vampire. Here's the original trailer for the movie:

Can you tell that for as much as I love Halloween, I'm really not into scary horror movies? What are your Halloween favorites??


  1. Omg Ghost Stories looks hilarious! I'm still a Halloween newbie because we don't really celebrate it in Aus. With so much US tv here now though we are getting more Halloween stuff filtering through so I totally want to do something this year. I might take your lead and do a scary movie marathon... but not too scary so maybe some good horror comedies :D

  2. Hey beck i got in for katsu AA. are u going to be down that time?


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