Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Showing Off Central Washington

I've really been enjoying hosting my in-laws this week! Showing off your home (or new) town can be a real eye-opener as to what a great place to live it really is! As much as I tease Husband about his having plopped me out in the middle of no where to rusticate, I really do love it out here. For instance, today we took a day trip to Leavenworth, WA, a town that has been built to look like a Bavarian Village! We had a delicious German lunch, shopped at some of the quaintest shops and even stopped by the local tea "haus" for a cream tea dessert. I definitely want to go back again during winter to see all the cute buildings decorated for the holidays and covered in snow! I know that they have a wide range of winter activities to partake of as well!

We also have been just driving around our own little town, showing off the sites. I know that my in-laws are looking for retirement possibilities and it's been nice showing them the ins and outs of Yakima. On Sunday I took my mother-in-law to the local farmers market. I'd only been once before, but we were there a bit early that time so things hadn't really gotten started. Back in Baltimore if you didn't show up to the market before 8 am, you weren't going to get any shopping done! Here the market doesn't even really get started until after 10 am! We ended up getting some delicious and fresh green beans and baby potatoes for dinner that night, as well as a fresh loaf of bread, blended goat/sheep's milk cheese with herbs de Provence, and even some delicious local honey! I was really amazed at the wide variety of local products there were to buy as well as delicious food stands with fresh tacos, lemonade, and even lo mien!

Later we took a drive out to a dairy that sells raw (unpasturized), organic milk, as well as other products. The drive was beautiful and it was so neat to be able to buy something direct from the farm! Along with milk they also had organic beef and sometimes had fresh eggs available (but they were all gone the day we were there). I have to say that the best thing was that the store was unmanned and worked completely off of the honor system. They asked you to put your cash or check in a lock box on the wall and just sign their guest book with your name, phone number, and what you bought!

I feel really badly that I didn't have my camera with me these past few days, but playing hostess (especially to in-laws) has taken a bit out of me and I'm afraid that my head hasn't been on quite straight. Hopefully soon though, I'll be able to show everyone the fun things about Central Washington as I've discovered them!

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