Tuesday, November 8, 2011

Halloween Wrap Up!

October really turned out to be a very tough month for me, right down to the very last day of the month where Husband and I got into an accident with a very large armored military vehicle. No one was hurt, but our car was totaled. With all of the commotion, I was completely sidetracked from writing, so it's a little late, but here is my Halloween wrap-up!

Husband and I hosted a murder mystery party on the Saturday before Halloween. We had friends from his work come and it was quite the success! I love having parties, and I think I love planning for them even more. The real highlight this year were my Save-The-Date cards! Some people may think it's odd, but for a popular holiday like Halloween when you know that everyone will be making plans, it's important to get the word out as soon as possible that you'll be hosting a party so that people can plan to attend!

Halloween RSVP

I also have a great time decorating every year, and this was the first Halloween in our new home! I love decorating the mantle, and I also took the opportunity to decorate the glass on my tea cabinet. It was a two-fold project, looking great while also hiding some of the things I had quickly stashed inside for storage while other decorations were out!

Halloween MantleHalloween Window

Husband also got together with some ladies at his office, who are also friends of mine, to MAKE this beautiful Halloween countdown calendar for me!! It was filled with candy, small gifts like my skull keychain hanging there and on the last day, A SNAKE! He's so cute!! I was so blown away by the workmanship, time and effort that was put into making this, I cried when he gave it to me. It means so much to me that my friends would do something like this to me, and pay such close attention to every detail (like how every skull has a bow on it!).

Halloween Calendar FrontHalloween Calendar Back
snakey snake

I was so excited to make my Halloween costume this year, but sadly it was a bit too ambitious so I didn't end up finishing it in time for the party. Even so, it's still a very functional Lolita outfit and I'm so proud of the finished project! I'm glad that I didn't cut any corners in order to save time. I was going to be a Lolita Sherlock Holmes! I believe that you can mix Lolita and Halloween costumes, but it should be done with thought. I like to incorporate what I already have or what I can reasonably wear again and then I play up the costume aspects with lots of accessories. For this I have a pipe and was also going to add in a magnifying glass. At least I'm early for next year?

Holmes OutfitHolmes Bow

On the actual evening of Halloween, I wasn't in a mood to do anything but pout after what had happened so Husband and I stayed home and had a relaxing evening of passing out candy and playing cards. Every time the doorbell rang though we had to pause our game, and if the person at the door didn't say “Trick or Treat!”, Husband would just stand there and endlessly make small talk with them (much to my annoyance). So I decided to help them (and myself) out by writing them a message on our walkway in glow in the dark chalk.

Halloween Message

Of course, then we had people who would just yell “Trick Or Treat!” and never ring the bell... I guess I can't win them all.

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  1. I was wondering why you were cursing so much about ruffles! Now I get it. I love your save the dates too!


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