Sunday, August 14, 2011

Backyard Camping & New Friends!

This weekend, Husband and I decided that we would try some level one camping; ie: camping in the backyard. We bought a tent awhile ago and haven't had a chance to break it out yet. We wanted to try it at home first to make sure that it had all of the necessary bits (it came in an open box). We set up the tent successfully and everything that we needed was indeed in the box. We had a great time that evening lighting the bar-b-que, making hot dogs and smores and playing board games outside on the porch!

While we were playing outside though, we had an unexpected guest! A very loud kitty cat heard us talking and thought to introduce himself to us. He seemed very much like an “indoor cat” with no collar so we decided to give him a good dinner and a place to crash for the night. He stayed inside our bathroom while we slept in the tent.

I've actually never been tent camping before and I had a great time! I'm ready to do this almost every weekend! Of course, I would prefer if it was a bit cooler. The nights here in the desert are just right, but then waking up and having to break camp and find something to do in the extreme heat of the day just isn't my idea of fun.

When we woke up, Husband and I decided to let the cat go and see if it maybe has another home that he'd wander back to. Of course feeding this cat was probably the biggest mistake ever because now he won't leave us alone! I don't mind having him around, but I'd hate to think that he belongs to someone and they're missing him. Also, the cat knows how to use the dog door and I'm not too comfortable with having a strange cat (no matter how nice) wandering in and out of my house unsupervised.

For the time being, we've closed off the dog door and are trying our best to ignore the cat in the hopes that he'll make his way back to a home. Husband and I have also hung up fliers throughout the neighborhood and placed all the usual classified ads. We even got the cat a collar with a capsule tag that has a note inside asking for the owner to contact us in the event he does wander back home (because if he's an outdoor cat he'll probably be back). Hopefully we'll hear something soon! One way or another, it seems that for the time being we've been adopted!


  1. Oh my gosh that cat looks like Kingpin!! Hopefully if some one has lost him they'll contact you, but he's such a cutie!

  2. @Vivcore That's just what I had been thinking!! He feels just like him too! It's seems like your Kingpin has a West Coast doppleganger!

  3. oh hes such a fluff. mine are running around going insane, i always wanted a orange cat so i could call him marmalade. you should take it to the shelter or vet just to see if he is microchiped. my neighbors outdoor cat is.

  4. @sorori When we finally got him in to the vet on Monday night we got his chip number and he eventually made his way home through a series of phone calls. We're defintely thinking about getting a cat soon though!


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