Saturday, August 20, 2011

Craft Room Woes

I'm having a serious dilemma in my craft room these days. I've been putting off getting the room into the finished stage since it's my personal room and I felt that the rest of the house came first. However, the time has finally come to get this room in order. Most of my supplies are relatively organized, but having them “organized” and strewn about the floor is not working for me at all. The room is always messy and it doesn't help my focus or my initiative to get anything done.
This is an older picture so it's better now, but not by much.

I decided that what I really needed was some kind of all purpose shelving unit to go underneath the existing shelf in the room. I went to look for some shelving solutions at various places and I was disgusted by the prices!! Michael's wanted $50 for two planks of laminated cheap wood that they were calling a desktop! I decided right then that for those prices I could buy tools and make what I needed myself.

Of course, now that I'm faced with having to design a solution for myself, I'm paralyzed with options. I have so many different needs that I need to fill and so many different things of different dimensions that I want to make room for. My other dilemma is that I don't just sew or just scrapbook, but I have a wide range of hobbies that I'm trying to keep separate and organized. Hopefully before next weekend I'll have made a decision and a solution for the room!


  1. I found the Billy book case from Ikea super useful, and recently ran into this Martha Stewart collection of furniture for craft rooms that is fairly inexpencive (but none of it as fun as getting all DIY on the project!) Can't wait to see what you do with the space!

  2. @Vivcore Oh wow, I love the Martha Stewart stuff! Sometimes I feel like my house is breeding Billy bookcases! XD They just aren't deep enough for what I need for this room though.


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