Sunday, March 6, 2011

So Busy, From Coast to Coast!

This past month has been unbelievably hectic as my little family geared up for the big move from Maryland to Washington state and presented "One For You", my Etsy store, at Katsucon's Artist's Alley.

My Etsy store, "One For You" is an extention of my crafting hobbies as I tend to over-buy supplies. Because of this, I'm often able to make two (or sometimes more) of all of my crafts and offer them for sale. At Katsucon I debuted with only small accessories and jewelry items, but later on I'd like to be able to also offer up various clothing items as well. I learned so much at the convention as a first time seller, and had the chance to get the store name out as well. I had such a great time I'm definitely planning on doing more conventions in the future.

Right on the heels of returning from Katsucon, we immediately had to start preparing for our big trip. Our move was made a little less stressful because we had a professional company come in to pack and transport our things. Of course, that can be stressful in it's own right as you watch strangers put all your things into boxes. I chose to eliminate all of the stress and put Husband in charge for the day. While he directed workers, I watched a lovely program on television about the Biddulph Grange garden and took a lovely and relaxing nap. Ah, sometimes it is really is nice to have a man about the house.

Since we're traveling with dogs and wanted to transport our car we opted to drive the entire way, from one coast to the other. We left on Friday and today we're stopping for the night in Boonville, Missouri. It's a relatively small place, but it does have a casino! Most of our trip has been terribly boring, but tonight we got to get out a bit and waste some money in slot machines. We didn't actually win anything considering we went in with $55 and came out with $30, but I always think it's good to leave with money in your pocket regardless. We also chose to eat at the casino buffet tonight which was an excellent choice.

Here's our route so far:
(Click to see the larger version!)

Since the weather is about to turn ugly soon we're going to take it easy and just see how it goes. Our plan is to head out tomorrow and continue west. Hopefully the weather won't be TOO bad and we can continue our trip as planned. If you want to follow all the fun and frivolity that is being in a car all day, then be sure to follow me on Twitter! I was planning on doing a video update tonight, but I think I'll be saving that for tomorrow instead! Certainly lots of things to look forward to as our adventures continue!

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