Tuesday, March 8, 2011

More Trip Updates: Kansas and aloft in Denver

Well we actually decided to main line it into Denver, Colorado last night and made it here safely and with very little snow. We decided to check into the aloft Hotel, which had always interested us since it's a relatively new brand and had opened a location very close to our old home. It's eye-catching neon lighted exterior really is the promise of better things inside. I'll be doing a full wrap-up review when we're not on the road and have some steady internet so that I can upload some pictures of the hot hot hot interior.

I wish I could say something about yesterday's journey that was inspiring, but we literally drove in a straight line right through Kansas. I will say that it's much nicer than everyone seems to think. When I would tell people our route for our trip they'd always groan and say things like, "Oh no, you'll have to drive through Kansas" as if it was some kind of barren wasteland. I actually found it very beautiful and picturesque. The weather was gray which gave the landscape a real mysterious charm and when the fog rolled in it just got cooler and cooler. In comparison, having made the drive from Corpus Christi, Texas to Houston, Texas many many times, in Kansas there are at least things to look at like windmills (both old and new), hills, and charming farm houses in the distance. In Texas, at least on that route, you'll see maybe a mesquite tree and if you're really lucky a cow or two.

For those that are interested, here is the updated map of our trip so far (now with new and improved Pomeranian marker!):

Click to see the larger version!

The drive was actually improved that much more by romance novels on CD! We're currently in the middle of The Heir by Johanna Lindsey. I'm actually a complete sucker for historical romance novels and Husband also finds them entertaining. This particular reading of the novel is, I believe, abridged, but so far I'm loving it! Great story with very likable characters and I'm a real fan of Lindsey's writing style. The reading style takes a bit of time to get used to. If you're not familiar with these novels, often times a Scottish character will be quoted almost phonetically so as to really drive home the fact that HE'S SCOTTISH AND HAS AN ACCENT. It took a bit to get used to the woman attempting to act this out, ending in more of a speach impediment than a slight brogue, but that has to be my only complaint. We actually have two more novels in this series to go so I'm looking forward to the next few days of driving!

After such a long drive yesterday today's goal is Salt Lake City. At this point we're actually a day ahead of our plans so it should be slow and easy going from here on out.

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