Tuesday, July 6, 2010

LUSH Pampering

I recently picked up some goodies from my local LUSH store so I thought I would review them for you here. First off I was drawn into the store by their "Sole Revival" featuring 7 products for $20, all for pampering your feet. Being that it is summer and I personally love to be pampered I decided to try it. I started talking with the girls there and they also ended up recommending "Catatrophe Cosmetic" face mask for me. I picked up both and home I went!

I tried the "Sole Revival" foot care kit first. Everything was delightfully packaged and included small sample sizes of

♥ Volcano Foot Mask
♥ Little Feet Bath Bomb
♥ Running to the Embassy Body Butter
♥ Pied de Pepper Foot Lotion
♥ Fair Trade Foot Lotion
♥ Lemony Flutter Cuticle Butter

There were directions included with the kit and they were very easy to follow. I'm lucky to have a very sweet husband who was on duty to pamper my feet for me. I started with the Volcano Foot Mask which was extremely ingivorating and warming. I let it sit on my feet for the recommended 10 minites in plastic bags. It was a little strange, but very fun. When it was washed off I scrubbed in the pumice for extra exfoliating.

Next up was the Little Feet Bath Bomb and it was very fizzy and relaxing. It felt amazing and smelt really nice as well. The packaging for these was so cute as they were shaped like a little foot and two were included in the package. I find foot soaks kind of boring and they didn't say for how long your feet are supposed to sit so I took out my feet when I finally got bored of sitting still. Afterwards my feetsies were scrubbed down with the Running to the Embassy Body Butter which comes as a bar. It had an amazing warming effect on my feet, but I wished that the solid particles were a bit larger so that it could be scrubbed a little more vigorously.

Last up were the lotions and butter. I chose to go with the Pied de Pepper Foot lotion which had a very soft warming effect and left my feet very soft. For good measure I also rubbed in the Lemony Flutter Cuticle Butter on my toes and into my hands as well. The Lemony Flutter was overpowering scent-wise, but was defintely a great moisturizer. After all that pampering, I did owe my husband a candy treat, especially because all the tasty scents from my feet were making him crave Neco Wafers in a big way. There was certainly enough left of all the samples for another night of pampering and I'll be able to try the Fair Trade Foot Lotion too. Another nice feature was that all of the small pots advertised that if you turned the pots back in you'd recieve 15% off the full sized version. For as fun as the products were, I think for all the work that my husband put into my pampering, I'd rather spend my $20 on a professional pedicure and also get my nails painted.

Next up was the "Catastrophe Cosmetic" face mask which was recommended to me as I've developed combination skin, dry on most of my face but oily on my forehead under my bangs. The mask has to be kept refrigerated so when I put it on it was cool and refreshing. The pot seemed to have enough for another application, maybe two. I wish I could remember how much exactly I paid for the mask, but I seem to remember it being about $6. I can't find the product on the U.S. website no matter how I search in order to find an exact price. The product had chunky blueberry bits in it which was a bit odd, and the fragrance was pretty at first but as it dried it became more and more overpowering to the point of irritating my sinuses. Once it was dry and I washed it off, my face was clear instead of red and blotchy as it usually is after cleansing but it felt sticky and "not clean". The fragrance is still in my nose and bothering me and I don't think this is something that I'll be wanting to use again.

All in all I think that my venture into LUSH was fun, but I probably won't be experimenting with other products. I think I should have trusted my first instincts when I walked in the store and had my nose tickled by all of the strong mixed fragrances.


  1. Awesome reviews! I saw the foot pack in their catalog and I was wondering about it! I have an understanding boyfriend too but I think I would probably have a professional pedi too if it takes that much effort >_<

  2. @Violet LeBeaux Thank you! I think if I was going to reccomend any one item to get from the foot pack it'd be the Volcano Foot mask. That I could see using at home again either on it's own or part of my regular pedi routine. Not overly scented and great for exfoliating.

  3. Thanks for the great review. I have only bought their bath bombs before...so it is good to know how much work their foot sets are! I probably wouldn`t go through all that effort, like you said :)

  4. @HANA Thank you so much! I've actually never tried their bath bombs. I always felt like they're just so much work to clean up afterwards that it just wouldn't be relaxing. ^_^


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