Sunday, July 4, 2010

Putting on the Ritz

This weekend was my best friend Angel's birthday, and it's become our tradition to go out to tea for the occasion. This year we did it up in style by going to tea at the Ritz-Carlton.
We were dressed in our Lolita finest and sat down to in a beautiful room with sumptuous decor. Their tea selection was small, but very adequate and I decided to play it safe with the English Breakfast. When we received our tea I was disappointed to see that they were using an older style tea strainer that is placed on your cup as your pour your tea out. Because of this, I knew that there were tea leaves floating about in our pots so by the time we were halfway through, the tea was so bitter it was undrinkable! The food however, was delicious and we were treated to a small selection of sandwiches and a bevy of desserts! Since it was Angel's birthday, they treated us to whipped cream with strawberries and a little candle on top! She was sweet enough to share with me as I have a weakness for strawberries and cream. By the end though we were so stuffed with desserts. It seemed like it wasn't much food, but it was very filling.

Afterward, we went shopping at stores where we couldn't afford things and I fell in love with too many things (including a pink Versace purse who's price I refused to look at). All in all the day inspired me to get dressed up more often and definitely spend more time with Angel who has moved much too far away. I hope to update more often, but having my camera gone missing has shorted all my inspirations! I will work harder to write more often!

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