Wednesday, January 30, 2013

Where In The World Is...?

So where have I been? So many places actually! I've been so lucky to travel with Mother-In-Law to attend so many Amaranth events lately! It seems like just when I finally get home and finish with my laundry, I have to get ready to pack again. Of course, I LOVE to travel so it never bothers me! (I'm even getting pretty decent at packing light!)

I was in Great Britain this Fall. Everyone keeps asking me about my trip, but I'm actually pretty terrible at taking about it. It was really fun, I saw some stuff, it was very British and/or Scottish. Here are some pictures though:

Murica, my Alpaca went with me and often took my place when posing in photos!

I also went to Texas (Houston and Fort Worth) where I ate way too much food and went to the zoo. I have pictures of that too:

 I was so excited to see the new arrivals! I absolutely LOVE giraffes so of course I loved the chance to get to see this little one!
 They also had a baby black rhino! He was so playful!

 I think my favorite animal that day though was this ostrich who was housed with the giraffes. My mother-in-law and I were talking about what it might be like to live in a zoo... 
When I saw this ostrich flop his head down on the grass I decided that I would probably be like this if I lived in a zoo!

Every now and then the ostrich would life only his head up and then just flop back down. Definitely my life in the zoo! 

I always think that at some point my life is going to calm down, but I think my new new year's resolution should be to give up on that kind of thinking. In the meantime though, enjoy these pictures


  1. Really nice photos! I especially like the ones of the ones from Britain and the tigers! I'm hoping to travel a lot too! ^^

    1. Thank you! Traveling can be so expensive, but it's always worth it even if you don't go very far. Those memories and experiences are irreplaceable!


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