Monday, January 2, 2012

Quick Update

Today Husband and I were supposed to take Flat Alissa out to play in the snow, but my scratchy irritated throat from yesterday has now been upgraded to sore and even more annoying. I thought that a long drive into the mountains and playing in the snow wouldn't be the best idea. Instead I'm taking a bit of a sick day to watch mysteries and drink tea in my fuzzy giraffe kigurumi (a must have for not-feeling-well days).

I'm also going to try to do some updates to this blog, my tumblr, and other such things so if there are or were any hiccups, that's why.

Also on the agenda, helping Husband out with his new blog The Metal Philosopher. Obviously I'm quite biased (I did marry him after all), but Husband really is an intelligent open-minded guy who loves to write about interesting things. Of course these are the kinds of things that I get to talk about with him all the time, but if you too want to join in our discussions then please subscribe to him! He also loves comments, they make him do a little jig.

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