Sunday, January 1, 2012

Happy New Year!

I can't believe how fast December has flown by and it's already a new year!
I spent most of the month helping a friend with a litany of crafts. First we made stockings for some of our troops overseas, and I had a blast making them. Next we started on some casserole covers for her friends and family members. She was a bit more ambitious with her sewing for the holidays than she could manage on her own so I was more than happy to help as needed. Of course the work took up most of the month and before I knew it, it was the week before Christmas! I managed to get all of my family's presents out on time for Christmas and all of my baking done for local gifts, but sadly I'm STILL behind and now waiting to finish all my friends' gifts. Of course that means I've been behind on everything else that I'd had planned, including blogging! I'll be so glad to be back to a more regular routine soon.
YumYums and Cake say Merry Holidays everyone!

I'm also really glad to be hosting a guest for the holidays! My niece is participating in a project based on the book "Flat Stanley", where she has sent me a paper doll of herself.

We are to take her around for about a week and then send back pictures, souvenirs, and a letter about her adventure. I'm so excited to do this and I'm in the process of making a small scrapbook to send back with her! I hope that with our unique guest here we'll be having some noteworthy adventures to write about. Hopefully no more long absences from writing, I really have missed it!!

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