Wednesday, September 7, 2011

Expanding Our Family!

I have to say that having new pets really is very distracting. If you follow me on Twitter or on Tumblr you'll know that we added two new members to our little family: Ivanka and Daisy! After helping our little houseguest from this post find his home, Husband and I were feeling a bit empty without a feline friend. We decided to adopt from our local shelter and we found two beautiful girls to take home with us! We decided to adopt the two cats that we thought would have the toughest time getting adopted.

Daisy is already five years old and had to be given up by a family who had become allergic to her. Most adult cats don't get adopted quickly because people are usually looking for kittens. She's a real sweetheart though, and spends much of her time finding the most ingenious hiding places in our house. Her other hobbies include intimidating our Pomeranians (she's got a pound on them at least) and taking lots of naps. She loves snuggles though, and is a wonderful companion. As you can tell, directly in front of the keyboard is a favorite place of her's, along with my desk chair when I'm not sitting in it. She's not a fan of me doing much of anything productive on this computer.

No, I have NO IDEA how I got her to sit and stay like that.

Ivanka is only two months old and weighs less than two pounds! When we saw her at the shelter, she was in a crate with her two brothers who were all over the place while she just sat in the back. She was such a cute little ball of fluff and I knew that her shy personality and her almost all black color would not make her popular, especially when compared with her rambunctious brothers. Right now Ivanka is fighting a cold that she picked up from being in the shelter (Daisy has already recovered nicely). She's not as playful as most kittens, which might be more of the cold than really her personality. She actually is sitting on my shoulder as I write this, her favorite place. I actually don't look forward to her growing up and still loving to balance on my shoulder. >_< Even so, I really look forward to her getting big enough to show the two dogs what for just like her big sister Daisy!

They're both really chatty cats, which I love. Ivanka is still testing her boundaries when it comes to Daisy, but they get along better than I would have expected. Every now and then Daisy has to let Ivanka know that she's not her mom, but she's just as likely to groom her a bit, or let her snuggle with her in my chair. I think they're going to grow up to be good friends!

I'm going to try and tear myself away from their cuteness long enough to actually get something productive done this week! Don't count on it though... they really are that cute.


  1. Oh my gosh too cute!!!! So cool that you adopted to 2 of them. I bet they'll be great pals! It's so sad when older cats get put up for adoption, so it's nice to hear that Daisy found such a good home!

  2. @VivcoreThank you!! Everyone at the shelter was ecstatic to hear that we wanted to take Daisy home. They were totally in love with her and wanted her to go to a good home. Personally I can't imagine ever having to let her go now, she's so lovely!

  3. aww they are so cute, my little grey boy has a white patch just like ivanka. (you should really enter that photo into a contest btw its really good) we tried to adpot a older cat, she was terrified of people so we returned her and got a kitten about 6 months old so he was getting bigger almost out of kitten stage, about a month later we thought he was lonely and wanted a second, well his brother ended up being returned from adoption so we got him, they forgot that they were brothers but in a week adjusted well, and the cat we returned got adopted a few months later. milky and dusty >

    and if your in the market for a cat tree,
    this one uses a pressure mount to the celine and the cats go apeshit on it.theyr on it right now, they will shred it but they love how high it is! and that keeps them off the counters. :)

  4. hey did you want to share a table again at kastu or are you not going to come this year?

    i was thinking about doing it again maybe even getting 2 spots?

  5. @Sisters Sweet Lolita Boutique Thanks for the cat tree suggestion! We've definitely been on the look out for one. Your kitties are soo cute!

    I won't be able to make it to Katsu this year, as much as I want to. It's just too much traveling for the next year, especially since I plan on coming home for Otakon!


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