Monday, July 25, 2011

Ready Set Otakon!

I just recently decided to head back to Baltimore for Otakon! Since I hadn't planned on attending until recently I've had to get into gear and get crafting & sewing in order to prepare! I've had so many projects going on at once over the last two weeks, but this is my LAST day of crafting. I have a couple more projects to work on, but I was so proud that I finally finished these shoes!
These shoes were originally plain white sneakers, but I wanted to paint them to match one of my Angelic Pretty dresses for Otakon. I've really been enjoying matching short socks with casual shoes for comfort as well as a more playful look with Lolita. Between the recent heat wave and the amount of time I usually spend on my feet at conventions, I'm hoping this will be both a functional and stylish look! More pictures to come when I'm back home next week!

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