Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Palty "Milk Tea Brown" Dye Review

This weekend I decided that I'd had enough of my roots showing through my bleached blonde hair that I decided the dye the whole thing. I'd been interested in the ultimate gal palate of Palty hair colors so I thought I would give it a go. I choose the seemingly popular “Milk Tea Brown” color in the hopes that it would give me a light brown and possibly be easier to choose matching hair pieces.

Yea, this face totally captures my feelings about my roots.

I researched quite a bit online before purchasing the dye for advice and instructions. The dye is imported from Japan and does NOT come with English instructions; you have to look them up for yourself. I used these instructions (under the “Instructions” tab). I did not order through this site though because I bought my dye locally at an Uwajimaya store.

I have to say I was pretty nervous about dying my own hair at home, especially with a foreign brand dye because I haven't done so in a long time. I usually have a professional hair dresser dye or bleach my hair and it's only because I just moved that I'm starting to take matters into my own hands.

After doing my research, most people recommended buying two boxes of dye if you had especially thick or long hair. Here's what comes in each box: the dye comes in two parts which you're supposed to shake together. They also included a pair of plastic gloves, conditioner, comb top for the bottle of dye, and the instructions.

I mixed up the dye and attached the comb top to each of the bottle of dye. I have to say that this was the messiest thing I've ever done in my life. I highly recommend not using the comb top and instead separating your hair into sections and working the dye in with your hands. Using the comb attachment I managed to get dye all over myself, the floor, the counter, my shirt.... Maybe I'm just messy though.

After working the dye through my hair, it was already turning a darker color and it also had this weird purple tinting to it. I put it up with a chopstick and let it sit for twenty minutes. Some forums recommend leaving the dye in for more time, even up to forty minutes! Since I'd read that Palty can be damaging (since it's formulated for thicker Asian hair types) and my hair is not only fine, but also already bleached, I chose to leave it in for the recommended twenty minutes.

Once my twenty minutes were up I washed out my hair and used the included conditioner. I have to say that my hair was not damaged at all and actually felt really nice when I was done. I think that most of the complaints about the dye being damaging might be because some people are leaving the dye in for too long. The color though, was not really what I was expecting. The box shows more of a honey brown color and what I got was more of a brown/grey tone which was surprisingly like my own natural color. The roots, which were obviously already my natural color, did turn out a bit more like the box. The difference was very subtle though, so I think only I noticed it, and in the end my roots are effectively masked (which is what I really wanted after all!).

In the end, I would definitely recommend Palty hair dye. Although the colors were a bit off for me, I think it has to do with the fact that my hair was originally bleached. I'm hoping that maybe a second dying in the future will produce the color that I was initially looking for. I really liked the results though and will be using Palty again in the future.

EDIT: 4.12 ~ Just wanted to give a quick update on how the color has lasted. There's been a bit of color loss, but honestly I like that it gave me a more natural look as some of the lighter blonde came through. Other than that though, the color has stayed very well. No complaints here!


  1. I do see what you mean with the colour differences from the box to the result but the colour you ended up with really suits you anyway! Thank you so much for this review, I won't have to wonder every time I walk past them now. I'm thinking as my hair is similar to your I might try for one a shade lighter to see if I can get the extra honey tones.

  2. @Violet LeBeaux Thank you so much! Be careful with some of he lighter colors (yellow boxes I think) because they have an additional bleaching agent. I can't wait to see what you do next with your hair!

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  4. I really like this colour on you. I ordered myself some palty dye a few days ago and cant wait to see how it turns out :)


  5. awesome change! you hair look so much better! =) nice review!

  6. Please send me the pics to my facebook
    Hika Gongora Serrano
    I want to buy this but I can't see your pics of the review,
    I'm really interested and want to see if it looks so yellow or not, as you say that it doesn't look like in the box...
    You bleached your hair first? till it to be almost white? Or didn't bleached it, and aplyed dye directly...Please help >.<

  7. I know this is an old post now but if you see this...THANK YOU!! I've been scouring the depths of the internet to find a decent review of this color on bleached/light hair. Every review I found was for dark or black hair (obviously the main target audience, haha). The color you show in the pictures looks amazing on you, but it'll probably be a good idea to get a shade or two darker to achieve the color I'm after. Thank you thank you for sharing your experience! :)

    1. Thank you so much for your comment! That is exactly why I made this post and I'm so glad that you found it helpful! Before I died my hair I was really surprised that there wasn't much information about the dye for other hair types considering it's overall popularity. If you decide to use a different shade of Palty I would love to see your results if you don't mind sharing them. Thank you again for the comment!


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