Thursday, January 20, 2011

Washington Impressions

Since Husband and I have been in Washington since Friday we've been spending most of our time in what is going to be considered our new hometown, Yakima. Today though we decided to be adventurous and drive to Seattle for a taste of the city life. I have to say, I'm liking Yakima more and more in comparison. Being in such a relatively small town for almost a week meant that the city traffic was a bit of a shock even though we're more than used to the congestion back home. I will admit that driving in the city of Seattle proper however was no where near as bad as New York City. The weather though is much nicer in Yakima. We left a cold, but sunny high desert, drove through the mountain pass were it was snowing just to get to Seattle where it was overcast and sprinkling; all within a two and a half hour drive. I will say that there's no shortage of charm here in the city though. There are tons of homegrown eateries and more coffee places than you could shake a stick at. There are also many independent stores and I love feeling like when I shop I'm helping to keep a bit of individuality alive in a place. Husband was sweet enough to indulge me in one of my stranger hobbies, puppets, and bought me a brand new moose puppet to play with. We also spent our evening wandering around Pike Place Market taking in the sites and discovered a really great Chinese food eatery called Pike's Market Chinese Cuisine. Great food, but seating for no more than 30 people; it was intimate and had the most amazing fortune cookies (with actual fortunes! A real pet peeve of mine!).

Tomorrow we'll be spending a full day in the city, heading over to the “International District” so I can get my fill of Japanese magazines from Kinokuniya and possibly pick up some other goodies as well. I'm just looking forward to having a full day to look around and discover the neighborhood. Hopefully I'll have lots of great pictures to share to make up for the lack of pictures today. 

Saturday it's back to Yakima where I've already been invited to a crafternoon with some of the ladies at Husband's work! I'm really looking forward to meeting some new people, especially since we seem to share many of the same hobbies. Sunday we'll be flying back to Maryland and back to the same old routine. I'll be kicking it into high gear to get things ready for an upcoming convention, Katsucon, where I'll be selling some handmade fashions and accessories. Afterward I hope to keep my Etsy store stocked more regularly so look for announcements here about that!   

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