Friday, January 21, 2011

Day In Seattle

  As promised I have some pictures from today's adventure in Seattle. To start off our day we did indeed go to a Starbucks and have some tea. It was the first Starbucks that actually knew what kind of tea they had even. I hate their Tazo adjective tea. In Maryland I ask for mint tea and the reply is usually, “Uhhhh.... we have Refresh, Invigorate....” >_< It's black tea or green tea not weird vague words. Sorry, total pet peeve of mine! Our first official stop was Uwajimaya market and Kinokuniya bookstore in the International District. I was so excited that I completely forgot to take pictures! I got an amazing array of stuff though. 

Three nail magazines, Gal's Beauty, Ranzuki, JELLY, Cath Kitson bento set, Q-Pot catalog, Gothic & Lolita Bible, ageha, KERA
Close Up: Two stationary sets and Rilakkuma deco parts
More Gets! DollyWink lashes, pa lashes, Hello Kitty stamp, luggage tag and mystery charms!
 Inside the mystery bags! Last time I got one of these I got a melting lightbulb... WTF? Love these so much more.
  Well after all that shopping I had to give Husband a break and drop my purchases off at the hotel room. While we were back in the neighborhood we decided to stop by some stores we'd seen yesterday and hadn't had a chance to visit. The first store we looked at was an amazing vintage and new store that focused entirely on retro fashions. I wasn't allowed to take pictures inside, but the shop girl was so sweet and said that I was free to take pictures of the window displays instead. 

 I LOVE that fur stole. I didn't even want to ask how much it was.
  We also visited the Utilikilt store which was amazing! I love Husband in kilts and they had some great new colors to choose from. We will definitely be back for some serious shopping at both these places later! We also stopped by the Rocky Mountain Chocolate Factory for a gift and of course to take pictures with obese bears! I love them! 

Our next stop was to the REI flagship store! I love REI back home so to see the huge store with it's giant rock climbing wall and test track for bicycles was amazing! For dinner we went to PF Chang's and there was no wait for a table. At 5 o'clock! At home we'd have a 30min wait minimum and that's if we're really lucky! I just can't believe how easy it is to get tables out here. Dinner was amazingly delicious and familiar which is always nice when you're away from home.

Afterward there was a mall close by so we decided to do a bit of window shopping. When we walked in the first store we saw was a Tiffany & Co., but we were too intimidated to walk in! By the time we had decided to go in and find something shiny for me to take home... THEY'D CLOSED! As my friend Angel always says, “Carpe burando!” and I did not today. So much regret. 

 Husband definitely owes me a gift from here soon!
All in all though, it's been an amazing day and an amazing trip to Seattle. Tomorrow we'll be back in Yakima for one last day of adventure in Washington before heading home!


  1. “Carpe burando!” AHAHAHAHAH!!! Best quote ever! I really enjoyed reading about your trip :D

  2. @Violet LeBeaux You always have to seize the brand, otherwise you totally miss out! I'm so glad you've enjoyed it! I hope to have much more to write about once we officially move. ^_^


    Check out mine?

  4. I *just* discovered your blog (through Violet LeBeaux's blog)...and I was very happy to see a post about Seattle! :) I live in 15 min from downtown seattle.

    I had never heard of Kinokuniya so I must definitely give it a visit! :D

    Next time you're in the city you should also visit Daiso in Wast Lake Mall (downtown Seattle)..its the cutest japanese store where almost everything is $1.50 :)

    Looking forward to visiting your blog often!

  5. @lauracruz Ahh, thank you! I'm actually moving to Yakima, WA next week from Maryland so look forward to more Seattle posts. I'm so excited to visit Daiso too! Thank you for reminding me of it!


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