Monday, April 12, 2010

Shopping: New York Style!

Saturday was a fun-filled day in New York City with friends! Since I attended the Tokyo Fashion Festa this February I’ve been going to New York so much more. For me it’s only a four hour trip by bus or car and even quicker by train (but so much more expensive!) so it’s not necessarily convenient, but not prohibitive either. The main reason I’ve been going so much is for the shopping! I’ve always loved going to BookOff and Kinokuniya for Japanese magazines and CDs, but now there’s also Tokyo Rebel, which is a store that carries many Japanese punk, rock and Lolita brands! Not to mention every other store ever imaginable. My poor wallet! Ever since I went to Tokyo a few years ago I’ve become so spoiled and hate to shop online. I love the activity of shopping, seeing the products in person, feeling them, and the joy of physically buying the item and carrying it out immediately as opposed to clicking a button and then having to wait. I also like to be able to make an occasion out of shopping, get dressed up, go with friends, share a meal which is especially fun to do in New York City. Shopping at brick and mortar stores also supports local shop owners as opposed to large online chains which I definitely can get behind.

Tokyo Rebel is actually currently holding a photo contest that I entered so please wish me luck! I don’t think I’m quite what they are looking for, but it was so much fun to get dressed up and take the pictures for it. I still hope I do well! Here’s a sample of the pictures that were taken:

I’m so lucky to know such amazingly talented people like Stu who took these pictures for me. I have a feeling I will be calling on him to be my photographer in the future as well!

Since I’ve been so busy this week preparing for both the contest and my trip I haven’t had too much time to dedicate to the blog so my apologies! This week should calm down considerably so there will be plenty of time for work. Also, please keep an eye out for the opening of my new Etsy store!

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