Monday, April 19, 2010

First Sneaker Sunday: Smithsonian

Yesterday in honor of Sneaker Sunday, I decided to don my sneakers and putter around some museums while the husband watched a Korean movie at the Freer Gallery... or is that the Sackler? Whatever. I dressed a bit too warmly for the day, but I still had a good time and was definitely more comfortable than if I'd tried to bear it out in Lolita shoes. Great idea and I hope to participate in more Sneaker Sundays.

I started off at the Natural History museum to see some diamonds and bones. First off, I'd like to say that I have to TOTALLY agree with Evalyn Walsh McLean in that the setting of the Hope Diamond is half the fun. (You know she used to let her DOG wear it?!!?) Currently the diamond is out of it's setting and on display with another large blue diamond of note. That place ALWAYS makes me want to go shopping for jewelry. Technically I'm not supposed to be in there because we always end up in a jewelry store later. XD Though I was really there to see the exhibit on forensic archeology and bodies from the 17th and 18th century Maryland and Virginia. So I saw tons of bones and many dead people and it just didn't really do it for me. I didn't spend very long there before I left for the National Gallery to enjoy some 18th Century French paintings. *sigh* I want to live in every Boucher painting. I also want to own EVERY dress he's painted. My current obsessions include:
Madame de Pompadour
Madame Bergeret

The one on the bottom being the painting I was lucky enough to plant myself in front of and sigh at for about half an hour. *sigh* Totally need this in my life. Especially that hat, SO CUTE! I figure the dress on the top for a night out and the dress on the bottom for a more casual look. Haha!

I did learn something important though yesterday (other than sneakers>loli shoes), for as much as I love museums, puttering around them by myself is not something I find enjoyable. I would much rather have some company to talk and discuss as we explore the exhibits. I think I can safely remove "museum hopping" from the list of things to do on my own during weekdays. However dressing up like a painting and wandering the halls of said museum is still a viable option.


  1. You look cute! I missed you by a day, on Saturday I was downtown at the National Museum of the American Indian and then I went to Air and Space.

    I need to break out my Coraline sneakers. I've had them for a year now and been too scared to wear them.

  2. @spiralred Thanks so much! I've never been to the American Indian Museum, I should really get to it. You should definitely bust out your sneakers for next Sunday though!

  3. @Becky
    Vivien is sooo right about the food at the museum! It's amazing. I had this quinoa and cauliflower dish that was just about the one of best things I've ever eaten, and there's an exhibit about African Native Americans going on.

    Maybe I'll put together a morigirl coord to go with my sneakers.

  4. Yay Sneaker Sunday!! You look adorable, I love your cardigan ^_^ Can I add your photo to the gallery?

  5. @Violet LeBeaux Of course you can add me! Thank you!


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