Friday, March 19, 2010

STOMP-ing out Casual

This week I was lucky enough to attend STOMP, which was amazing! I love going to the theater for musicals, opera, or ballet and try to go as often as possible. The one thing I’ve noticed through my years of attending though is how informally people have begun to dress. I enjoy using the occasion to dress up, usually in Lolita attire, but I do wish I could be one of many in a formal ball gown. There just aren’t enough occasions for black tie these days. Usually at the opera most people attempt to dress at least “business dress”, but I’ve seen anything from jeans and polo shirts all the way to prom dresses (which I thought was darling). At this particular production though the majority of people were dressed very informally, more appropriate for a night at the mall than at the theater. I suppose it being STOMP I wasn’t expecting ball gowns and tiaras, but a little more respect for the occasion could have been mustered up. It’s such a shame to think that prom and our own weddings are the only opportunity in our new modern lives to dress formally. If you’d like to see my outfit for the night, check it out on my weardrobe account!

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