Thursday, March 25, 2010

My Top Ten!

Mitsu over at Universal Doll was nice enough to translate part of March's Ageha which was a top ten from some of their models. Since everyone is doing theirs I figured I would jump on the bandwagon! So here it is!:
♥1 I love my Ageha magazine (which is why I was so excited that Mitsu did this translation)! I've had a subscription for a while now and though I initially picked it up for the more hime aspects, I've really loved getting more into the gyaru side of Japanese Street fashion.
♥2 Tea has to be one of my biggest weaknesses. I start every morning with a cup of PG Tips and I love trying new varieties of tea, my favorites being florals like lavender and roses.
♥3 My iPhone! I don't go anywhere without it and I love the "freedom" of being able to be online anywhere I am. It's also my second deco project and I'm looking forward to doing more cases for it in the future.
♥4 I love to sew and craft and my newest boom is making my own clothing and jewelry for a super-customized look. I'm already looking forward to designs for summer!
♥5 I've been obsessed with pastel colors lately. Maybe it's all the Easter marketing that's been getting to me, but I love these candy inspired colors and I've been trying to incorporate them everywhere and as much as possible!
♥6 We♥It is my favorite photo sharing site. I know that most people use tumblr, but I prefer We♥It (even though it has a tendency to be slow!)
♥7 I think it's the rough winter we had, but I don't think I've ever looked forward to spring and flowers and sunny days more than this year. I want to have flowers in the house and in my hair and I was so excited to see my first flowers of the season last week!
♥8 This is my 3yr old Pomeranian, Bu. Since I'm at home all day he's my constant companion and diligent guard dog.
♥9 I've been on a real spicy foods kick lately. I love Tabasco sauce and have had a taste for the spicy mustard and salsas too. Last night I made Teriyaki Tabasco Chicken for dinner!
♥10 Even though I haven't been playing it, I've been watching the husband play Final Fantasy XXII since he got it this weekend. It's like playing it myself, but so much less work.

So that's that! I've loved reading all the other blogger's top tens as well; it really is a great way to get to know one another! I hope everyone will think about doing one!

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