Sunday, April 8, 2012

Happy Easter Everyone!

Husband and I aren't really religious, but we LOVE Easter! Husband loves the bunnies and all the pastel, fruit flavored candies and I just love to indulge him! Of course I love to decorate the house as well.

Every year I make him an Easter basket and also hide eggs for him to search for in the morning. This year's basket was especially fun because I've been preparing for Easter ever since my trip to Canada almost a month ago!

While I was in Canada, my mother-in-law and I hit the monster load of Kinder Surprise Eggs. Not only did we bring back two 24-packs, but also this GIANT Kinder Egg for my husband. Kinder Eggs are hard to come by in the US and I only know about them because my family used to live in Europe before I was born, and all my brothers and sisters loved them. For those of you who aren't in the know, Kinder Eggs are hollow eggs with a plastic "yolk" inside. Inside the "yolk" is a small toy, often times with little parts that you get to put together.

Since this was a GIANT Kinder Egg I thought that we would record our putting together of the toy that was inside!

I also decided that Easter was a great time to make a Pope hat. It's the newest trend along with a jacket you stole from your Husband. Trust me.

Since I know everyone will want to make their own, here's how I made mine. I started off with these instructions HERE. Since I'm not a small child though, I cut my piece of paper 24 inches by 22 inches. When you fold the paper in half the first time you'll want to fold it so that the two shorter halves are together. (In my case making a piece of paper that was now 12 inches by 22 inches). I used paper that I usually draft sewing patterns on, but you could just as easily use wrapping paper (white side out if you want to decorate it yourself). I decided to go with a traditional Papal design, but in modern colors.

I hope everyone else had a great holiday however you celebrate (or don't)!

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