Sunday, December 12, 2010

Movie Recommend! The Canterville Ghost

I absolutely love fairy and fantasy stories (not like dragons and elves mind you) and have wanted to start recommending some on my blog here.

While looking for a movie to watch tonight, I noticed that Netflix had kindly added a movie I had been waiting FOREVER for on to my instant queue. The Canterville Ghost (1996) starring Patrick Stewart (yes, of Star Trek Next Generation, sexy Capt. Picard fame) in the lead. It was a movie that I had seen long ago on television and had really stuck with me over the years. After initially getting Netflix and having the opportunity to find all these long lost gems, I was disappointed to see that The Canterville Ghost was not yet available, but I was contended to wait. I was so happy that my patience was rewarded this evening!

It's a relatively simple story with some moderately scary ghost parts, but very much a family friendly movie. It does make the story it's own as opposed to the original story or early movie adaptations by having a girl transplanted from America along with her family to play opposite the ghost. In addition there's also love story involving her and a very handsome man on an even more handsome horse. I will say, that after all these years what stuck with me the most was really the polite English gentleman on his gorgeous chestnut riding through the countryside. I mean, who wouldn't be about that, honestly? Definitely check it out if you have Netflix, especially since it's now available streaming!

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